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I Never Let 2016 Hold Me Back


And you shouldn’t either…

I resent any blanket disposal of a year. Even the imperial one you might guess I’m about to delve into had some very shining moments. (Failure to mention marrying my amazing wife, for instance, deserves a lightning bolt to the head). That said, we can all agree that 2016 was the True Detective Season 2 of years. The Gary Cherone Van Halen of years. The…well, you get it.

But something got each of us through.

I write songs to myself, which I credit for what makes me stay fairly optimistic. Never Let ‘Em Hold Ya Back was born as Keep Coming Back when I first wrote it. The verses to me are just a basic blues stomp. But I love a fight song beat, like Primal Scream and others. The most important part is the chorus. Put them in the black. Never Let ‘Em Hold Ya Back. That song got me to the end of 2016.

And now it takes us out with a bang…

Goddamn Glenn Appears in Rock Band Rockudrama Feature. Rock Band Rivals Update Includes “Never Let ‘Em Hold Ya Back”



Parlour Bells is PSYCHED to be part of Harmonix’s new Rock Band update! See Goddamn Glenn talking smack in the game’s Rockudrama feature and beginning next week “Never Let ‘Em Hold Ya Back” will be included FREE with the update! Just in time for the holidays!



Vanyaland Names “Never Let ‘Em Hold Ya Back” One of Favorite 16 Songs of 2016


2016 is redeemed! Harambe is coming back. We’re ALL coming back! NEVER LET EM HOLD YA BACK! Thank you Vanyaland for counting Parlour Bells’ latest among their favorite 16 tunes of 2016!!!




Thank you to EVERYONE who helped us fight our way back in 2016. Keep up the fight. Fight right into 2017, when we’ll be releasing brand new music and ultimately our first full length Waylaid in the Melée. 

See you soon XO


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