For the Foreseeable

mask record TRYPTIC 2

Like everyone else, Parlour Bells has reassessed what would be possible in the months to come. The rough plan we had was to enter the studio and record our next release, To Be Or Not To Behave.

Making a new record for us always involves a number of engineers, creatives and vendors. A lot of hardworking people.

We’re eager for the day we can get back in a proper studio. Frankly, we’re eager for the day we can simply see each other and rock out in the same room. But distance has scattered us and we find ourselves having to make do with very little.

That being said, Parlour Bells might be uniquely suited for this scrappy moment. I may author the songs, but they are mere sketches until I share with my visionary bandmates who, with their immense talent, bring my silly ideas to life.

In the early days of this thing, I was encouraged watching how fast my wife and so many others quickly adapted their skills and expertise to new formats. It’s rare to see a generation mobilize and acclimate like we have now. It’s inspiring. Parlour Bells is adapting as well.

Survival of the Patient: The Antibody Sessions from Parlour Bells will be a developing compilation of sketches aspiring to become something more. It will be Parlour Bells working remotely and away from each other. Our first smoke signal from the isolation camp is called The Ballad of Felix Moncla. Something that feels appropriately lonely and alien.

I hope Parlour Bells can help you kill some time. Kill some time with us. And wash those hands…we’ll all be putting them together again someday soon.