Here’s to the Brand New Video

We’ve made our first music video. It seemed kind of a no brainer that Parlour Bells would do this given that Glenn has produced and edited for some time now, but we wanted to tell a good story. And that brings us to Bachelor Hours, shot in multiple locations and clocking in at over 200 shots in 3 and a half minutes. Featuring Gene Dante and Mary Widow as our romantic leads, the video takes a narrative path with a wide view of a mysterious underground drug syndicate that zooms into its immediate effects on the imaginations and actions of our protagonists as they pursue each other to the end of the night.

Bachelor Hours

Bachelor Hours premiered Friday, June 28th 2013, and was screened and celebrated with a performance by Parlour Bells at the pill at Great Scott. Shot by GdG and Roger Metcalf, edited by GdG with AfterEffects and DaVinci by Metcalf. Written and Directed by Glenn di Benedetto.