Parlour Bells Help Boston Bid Adieu to the Bear

On 7/22/15 Parlour Bells helped one of Boston’s legendary venues say goodbye after over 40 years in business. TT the Bear’s Place opened in 1973 and was relaunched in 1984 as a rock club in Central Square, Cambridge MA. The venue would go on to host such legendary rock acts as Jane’s Addiction, Arcade Fire and Boston’s own The Pixies. Parlour Bells performed their first show at the club as a warm up gig to prepare for the 2012 Rock n’ Roll Rumble. The Rumble has been held at TT’s since 2011, and in 2012 Parlour Bells was selected to compete. Parlour Bells were joined in their farewell by a reunited Ad Frank and the Fast Easy Women, Cujo (featuring Jen Trynin), The Lights Out, and Francine. At the close of their performance, Glenn invited his 19 year old nephew Michael (also an aspiring musician) to join him on stage as a tip of the hat to the next generation, with the hope that they would restore a vibrance to the music community where it has recently fallen short. The venue closes its doors on 7/25/15.