Parlour Bells Perform at The Outlaw Roadshow, Nashville

Parlour Bells joined 30 bands from across the US to take part in The Outlaw Roadshow, Nashville, performing on 7/17/15 at the legendary Mercy Lounge in Cannery Row. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows and Ryan Spaulding, Editor of Ryan’s Smashing Life Music Blog met during a press interview in 2008 as Counting Crows were about to release their Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings album. The two joined forces to create The Outlaw Roadshow music showcase. After dates in Austin and NYC, Duritz and Spaulding decided to present the first ever Outlaw in Nashville. “This will be the first ever Outlaw in Nashville and we’re really excited, ” said Spaulding. “This was the vision I had for the event all along, to be in a music city and sharing discoveries with friends. It’s like making a mixtape for someone who can and will enjoy it. This is just a better music event – and it’s exciting to have a new home.”

Parlour Bells at Outlaw Roadshow Nashville